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Imperfectly Ambitious

Jul 1, 2021

Sell from Love will help you get clients without compromising who you are, what you’re selling, or who you’re selling to. You will learn how to love yourself, love your client, and love your offer so you can earn more money, expand your reach, and make a bigger impact with integrity, courage, and love.

Finka Jerkovic is an author, coach and workshop leader, and in this episode we talk about the three pillars she writes about in her book that will help you to sell more authentically and more naturally....and therefore see better results.

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Doors to ELEVATE are open!  ELEVATE is a monthly membership for women who want to align their work with their legacy.  It's about getting clarity on your vision and your unique impact, and using your strengths, your gifts and what drives you to get results in your work that excite you and support the vision that you have for your life.... 

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