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Imperfectly Ambitious

Nov 26, 2020

We go through hard times in our lives and we can choose to be a victim of circumstance, or we can choose to rise above and look for the message amidst the mess.  Ebony shares about her journey in such a relatable way and brings a realness that I know you'll appreciate.  I hope that the lessons she has learned and...

Nov 24, 2020

Do you feel like you're bothering someone when it's time to ask for the sale?  I hear it all the time from people... That even though they believe so much in what they're selling - and they believe that it is the right fit for whomever they are selling it to - that they just can’t get over that feeling of being...

Nov 19, 2020

Join me for this fun conversation with Michele Dickinson, where she demystifies mediation and how it can help ground us in our daily lives. We all could use that now more than ever...! She gives us some practical tips to get started with mediation that will help to relieve the added stress and heightened anxiety that...

Nov 17, 2020

Impostor syndrome is no joke, it sneaks in and has us second guessing what we’re even doing. Who do we think we are, right?

It doesn’t matter how far along you are, or how confident you are….even the most confident people have impostor syndrome. It can affect anyone, regardless of their success. 

In this episode,...

Nov 12, 2020

In this episode Tracy Morgan talks with us about how to live with purpose and have more fulfilled days and weeks.  Tracy helps women redefine what productive really means, and how to base productivity on our values. 

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