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Imperfectly Ambitious

Apr 29, 2021

Amanda Berlin empowers you to be seen, heard and known by more of the right people, so that you can grow your business!  She is a former NYC Publicity Strategist who is now using her powers for good ;).

Visibility and PR can mean so many different things and it's never too early to start.  How do you know where to begin...

Apr 27, 2021

Are you an achiever?  Always doing, doing, doing, and measuring your value or how 'good' you are based off of what you accomplished yesterday, last week, last month, last year? 

You might not even realize that you’re doing it, because it’s so programmed into who you are - it’s more of autopilot mode.  


Apr 22, 2021

You've got a lot going on between home, work and all things you're trying to keep up with during the week, and let's face it, weekday dinners can seem daunting.  You want to have healthy meals that taste good, while spending MINIMAL time preparing them.

Celestina Brunetti, is the founder of Wellness Cucina & host of the...

Apr 20, 2021

There are key skills that regardless of what industry you’re in, are what will set up apart, make you stand out and will allow you to maximize your impact. 

It’s not the technical skills and knowledge needed for any given industry.  Those are important, of course, but what is it that makes the difference? What is it...

Apr 15, 2021

We are all guilty over over complicating things, right!? 

Sara Muender is a life coach, podcaster and course creator who works specifically with moms to help them have breakthroughs and get through the struggles that hold them back.

Today we're talking about her business, how she got in to what she's doing now, and how...