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Imperfectly Ambitious

Mar 28, 2023

This episode is a masterclass in how to achieve higher levels of success without the struggle, by leading with your feminine energy and letting your masculinity energy support it. 

We’re talking with Allyson Chavez about:

-Some of the key differentiators between masculine and feminine energy

-How to use both at a...

Mar 21, 2023

This episode is jam-packed with strategies you can implement today for creating engagement with your email list and have FUN doing it!

In this episode with Jenny Roth we talk about:

  • How to be consistent with email writing 

  • Where to start when it all just feels so heavy and you’re at a loss

  • Practical tips for...

Mar 14, 2023

In this episode we’re talking about: 

  • Jamie’s own journey to becoming a consultant 

  • How t know when and who to hire

  • Getting through the mindset blocks around hiring 

  • How to write job descriptions that will attract the right candidates

  • Four signs that it’s time to hire

Jamie Van Cuyk, the owner and lead...

Mar 7, 2023

How you feel physically impacts EVERYTHING else in your life. If you want to bring more wealth and abundance into your life, it starts with a clear mind (and clear gut)! In this episode with Angelica Ventrice, we talking about:

  1. How stress impacts your body

  2. Misconceptions about your health 

  3. The importance of gut...